Caste system in India

Today was the first day that we really noticed that the Indian cast system still exist by experiencing it by our self. My shoe had broken so i went around the shops in Palolem to ask if someone could help me fix it. The first one just said no, then I went to another shop. The next one ask me if i though she was a ”shoe fixer”, i just asked if she had any glue so i could walk home with the shoes. But then she told me that it was an offence asking her to fix my shoes since it is only the low castes in India that have that kind of jobs. She would not even fix her own shoes. I apologised and it was ok. She also told us that she could not even tell other people that she sells shoes in her shop, because they would think lower of her then. At that time we really experienced the strong presence of the Indian caste system.

In the end i got myself a new pair of shoes because no ”shoe fixer” existed in that area so she told me no one would help me with my problem. Got my new pair of slippers and the problem for my sake was fixed but the existence of the caste system will probably exist for a long time Im afraid.
IMG_3870Palolem beach


IMG_3866On our way to Palolem beach from Colva



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