We bought train tickets the other day to go to Kerala, which will be the next stop on our route. Kerala is famous for its backwaters where you in different ways can travel through the beautiful green area. Besides that they have one of the best Wildlife Sanctuary in south of India, called Periyar. Where they hav 900-1000 elephants, 35-40 tigers, sambar, wild boar, languor, bison and so on. We are thinking about tanking a 1 night 2 days tour in the park where you stay one night in a tent sleeping in the wildlife sanctuary. It costs 4000 rupees which is about (500 sek), 68 dollars. Not a lot comparing to a lot of other places where you can do these sorts of things.
Besides that we are going to just enjoy Kerala from 15th to 20th when we are planning to go to Chennai (Madras).

Now we are heading out to see Palolem, which is supposed to be the most beautiful place here in Goa. Finally we will get some beach time, well deserved after handing in the first chapters!

Panaji, sunset



backwater  alleppey

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