Our own Indian family

Today we had lunch with the landlord of our apartment, the one we are renting here in Colva, Goa. They have treated us very well during this trip and we can definitly recomend to stay at their place (Colva Holiday Homes), search at Airbnb. Great hostess, and today we where invited to their house to eat some homemade Goan dishes. There was fish, curry, (of course), vegetables, prawns and so on. Really good! Then they served us ice creme for desert. Both felt like as if they where our own grandparents. Picking us up with their car, then all the time trying to fill our plats with more food so we really are full. Then wanting to pack some food for our train ride today to Kerala. Always giving good advise and taking care of us. They really are good people ! So if you go to Goa, you should definitely stay here then :)



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