True love!

After coming to Kerala, we did not have time to see so much since we just spent time in the house working. We have been working non-stop for two days in a row now.



Today, we are treated with cake and a special dinner by our host mother. At first, we did not know the reason to the celebration since my host-parents speak so little English, we guessed that they may be something to do with the church, but we were wrong. Today is our host parents’ 25 th wedding anniversary. We don’t know whether their wedding was based on love or if it was an arranged one (which is quite normal in India at that time). But holding on with each other for 25 years is impressive according to our opinions. As young girls on the way to finding ourselves, we really want to find the love of our life later on, a true love! We like the thoughts of being with someone throughout life, to share the happiest but also the saddest moments.


We need to mention that we really admire the way our host parents spend quality time together: Everyday after the dinner, they usually sit in the garden and talk until late night or they sit near the beach watching the moon. We know that newly in love couples often do those kind of romantic gestures but still having this habit after 25 years is really impressive. Is that the reason to why they can stay in love after so long time and still being together? Their love is so simple but deep. Seeing them together does give us hope that true love may also will come and stay with us in a very near future:)



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