Backwaters of Kerala

Yesterday we went south of Cochin and to Alappuzha to reach the backwaters. There are several places where you can reach the backwaters but we chosen this places since we could take the local bus for 2 hours from Cochin. Our lovely hostesses took us to the bus station with their scooters so we would find the right bus.


So to the backwaters of Kerala, it was really amazing. Definitely one of the best places we have been to here in India. It is supposed to be around 900 km long waterways and half the length of Kerala. As you understand, it is very large. We took a small boat so we could go through the small canals of the backwaters. They’re a lot of people living by the backwaters and the trip let us see the daily life of the Indians living by the backwaters. We did see several people washing clothes, dishes, taking a shower, cleaning their hair, everything you can imagine! It was really interesting and fun to see and be a part of. After 3 hours we stopped at a very small restaurant, probably a friend to our boat driver, where we had fresh fried fish. After that we head back to Alappuzha and took the local bus to Cochin. We definitely recommend doing that if you are around.

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