Making a difference

During our visit in India, we have seen a lot of lovely things but there are things breaking your heart as well. When you are walking on the streets there are several people who do not have a home, who maybe have a blanket and thats it, sleeping on the side of the street. Most of the homeless people are women, often with their children. Women in India especially the ones from lower castes are often socially, economically excluded from the society in India. These people often belongs to lower castes being called untouchables, ‘not being human’, Dalit people from this caste cannot enter restaurants, churches, the water supply – public places, sit together with their classmates eating lunch.Lower castes are today 166 million people and tribes consist of 84 million people in India. Every two our it is estimated that a Scheduled caste (Dalit) are assaulted, every day three Dalit women are raped and two Dalit homes are torched and two Dalits are murmured. Tough facts presenting todays situation in India.


The other day. We where on our way home after drinking some Chai tea around the corner where we live. We saw this cake shop. It really looked delicious so I decided to buy some. Then on our way home, we pass by about 20 women with their children, living on the streets. Just by walking 5 minutes. We where just about to pass the street to walk towards our hotel when I saw this young little girl. Than i started to think how much joy these small cakes could bring her. It will probably taste delicious and i would enjoy eating the cake, however she will probably never be able to eat this, since her daily mission is to get any food into her stomach. I then turned around, walked towards her and opened the boxed. I have never seen so happy eyes shining so bright. She started screaming after her mom and they where all full of joy. This was some joy in all of their troublesome life. Giving some happiness to someone else for a moment. When i was walking away they all where waving their hand all exited and smiling. Happiness I have never seen before.

IMG_4123The day after when we where walking on the street. I saw this young girl again, together with the other homeless women. She was so happy. Still full of joy just by a small act from another person. You can make a difference. Maybe we will not change the little girls life. But we did bring some happiness to the girl and we made a difference. And I do believe in, what comes around goes around. So when you have the chance, do something little that can make a difference in the persons life next to you. It can be smiling to the person on the buss or helping an old lady crossing the street. All the small things matters and it does not cost a fortune to do it!

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