Toni & Guy

Despite our hard work- some day we could stay in our room 12- 13 hours working but we are still girls and girls like to do shopping. Here in Chennai, there is a very huge shopping center called Escape with hundred of stores and restaurants. A heaven for girls, right?

We decided to visit Escape yesterday after finishing with our interview and go for a hair cut. Two hours interview with a lot of information was so intensive so going to a hair salon was kind of relaxing for us. In Escape shopping mall, we found Toni & Guy- a British haircut brand. We booked time and waited. We asked the receptionist if she has some hair catalogue so we could check what hair style we would have. But she answered to our surprise that they don’t have those types of magazines since the stylist would consult us about what style would match with our faces. We were nervous and wondered what the stylists would do with us. This is an extremely make-over for us. Last time we cut our hair dated back at least six months ago and at that time we were able to decide what style we want to have.

After 45 minutes with hair washing, cutting and blowing. Josefine was so happy with her new look meanwhile I was not hundred percent sure about my new look. However, my hair will grow fast and I hope I will get used to my new look soon 😀




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