Preparing you for India

So, now we would like to talk a little about some funny things we have noticed by being here in India one month now. By presenting some situations we have encountered.

1) Watching the cinema, it is socially OK to have your phone on, with phones ringing every other minute. To shout and scream, talk during the movie. When watching a movie in India you hear about half of what they are saying because people can be talk a lot during the movies. They also have sessions during the movie when you can go to the toilette, buy some popcorn and so on. We would love for that to come to Sweden!

2) People are very friendly and welcoming in India, and they really like talking to foreigners. A lot of people will come and talk to you. Asking for your number, email. So be prepared for that :)

3) Then we come to the starring. Indian people stare a lot. As you are a white foreigner you have to get used to having all eyes on you all the time. In bars, restaurants, walking down the street, in the taxi, in shopping malls. Yeah, everywhere!

4) Living with a Indian family. It will be like it is your own family. They will treat you like their daughters or their sons. Really a nice experience.

5) Space. Going to India you have to learn that you will not have your own personal space. People will ”intrude ”your personal space. So you just have to get comfortable with it.

6) Indians are very close to each other. You often see people walking down the streets, holding hands, hugging each other. Guys and girls.

7) Indian eat with their hands. Even though there is a lot of sauce. Hand is their tool for getting food into their mouth.

8) Cows are everywhere! At restaurant entrance, the highway.. Everywhere!

9) After 8 pm, you cannot see any women outside. If you do, they are outside accompanied by their husband.

10) Indian food is delicious! We live on Chicken Tikka, Chicken Masala, Chicken Tandori..

11) We have seen several fights and car accidents. So we do not recommend you to drive by your self since the traffic is pretty tough.

To be continued….
This is of course a generalisation and all Indians are not like this, just some small things that are different to what we normally see at home!

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