5 reasons you should book your ticket to Vietnam, right now!

For a few months ago, I was in Vietnam for a short tripp. The last time I traveled to the country was almost 10 years ago.

10 years ago, Vietnam was not a popular traveling spot. I don’t think many people knew about the country, they preferred to go to Thailand. I remembered the flight that took me from Bangkok to Hanoi was almost empty, many tourists got off in Bangkok.

However, things changed…

In early 2016, I flied back to Vietnam with Etihad airways, the big airplane was full of people. Seeing how excited they were to see my native country really made me happy.

If you did not yet put Vietnam on your bucket list, do it right now. There are many reasons to do it and here I will list at least 5 reasons:

1, Vietnam is cheap. I think it is one of the cheapest countries in the world. Meaning, travelers get more value for their money. It is nice to enjoy things without letting your budget cry.

2. Vietnam is safe. Vietnam is a buddism state and all we want is to live in peace and make….money. There are for sure some minor crimes like in every other country, but at least no terrorist attacks. The only major complain I heard from other travelers is that they tend to pay more for an item than its actual price. However, it isn’t a problem that only foreigners face. Even domestic vietnamese face the same problem as well. The only solution is to hone your bargain skills, just try to bargain until one of you give up.

3. Vietnamese people are friendly. Yes, they are. They like to help and they always smile. Vietnamese are shy when meeting foreigners but what cannot convey through verbal language can do through body language. So put a wide smile on your face and everything will be just fine.


The hidden smile, Photo credit: Rehahn


4. There are so many things to see in Vietnam. Mother nature has really blessed the country. There are so many things to see and to do, depending on your personal preference. If you like adventures and to see exotic culture, go to Sapa district in Northeast region. If you want to live a simple beach life, go to Nha Trang, the South Central Coast. If you want to live a busy city life, go to Hanoi or Saigon. Again, there are many options. The most popular spots are:

In the North: Hanoi, Sapa and Ha long Bay

In the Central coast: Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang

In the South: Ho Chi Minh city, Mui Ne beach, Dalat city, Mekong delta river


Sapa, source: internet 


Ha Long bay, source: internet 

IMG_1798Hue IMG_1714 Hoi an

Ho Chi Minh City 

5. Vietnamese cuisine is amazing, seriously. I have met many travelers who went to Vietnam, the only thing they had to say about the food is it is the best in the world and I have no doubt that this statement is true. The foods are rich in tastes and have low calories. From my personal perspective, the best foods are those I found on the streets.

IMG_0291 IMG_1618IMG_1772



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