Self- doubts and Successes

Home after two long business meetings. I am exhausted. On the way home, while sitting in the bus I almost busted in tears, everything is just too much. Overwhelmed by fears and self- doubts, I tried to answer the question why am I doing this? It is hard to keep the fire when everywhere you see are challenges. We believe that in order to be successful, we must step outside our comfort zones. We know it but not so many of us do. I always wondered why are we so afraid of being outside our comfort zones? And not until recently I truly fully understand the reasons: Its scary being in the unknown where we don’t have any control. Suddenly, fears become our friend, they protect us from the scary unknown and want us to go back to our comfort zones. We need to get back our control.

Seriously, I am never scared as I am right now. Everyday is a battle of should I do it or can I do it?

Everyday I try to find the reasons to remind me about why am I doing this? 

Everyday, I try to not get lost in my self- doubts.

The way to success is never meant to be easy.


This evening is spent on doing some more researches.
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