Morning routine bliss

My mom is a fan of natural herbals. In our kitchen you can find all sorts, which she carefully plant them in small different pots. She uses the herbs mostly to everything from cooking, making tea to medicine. She seldom or never use western medicine, she believes natural herbs having the best ingredients to fight all kind of diseases. When I was a child, I did not share the love of herbs with my mom. However, as I developed the life style of a yogi, I came to contact with many different organic herbs and through many studies, I started to realize what my mom did really made sense. Natural herbs have a ton of benefits given their many incredible substances. Furthermore, herbs are very gentle to the body since you have not to worry about the bi- effects. There are no toxic chemical ingredients in herbs.

Of those herbs I frequently use: Garlic, ginger, lime, mint. You also always find organic honey, virgin olive oil and virgin coconut oil in my kitchen. Those are all I need to keep a healthy life style.

After a long night sleep, you can not imagine how much toxic substances are gathered in our body, all the rest of the food and drink that we consumed the day before. Sometimes, if you are like me, having problem with digestion, you can immediately notice how tired and ”heavy” you feel when you wake up despite 7-8 hours sleep. The first thing I do in the morning right after getting out of the bed is to detox those substances. I used to make a quick and easy morning herb tea mix consisted of ginger, lime and hot water. To add taste you can also add a couple of organic honey and a few drops of pure virgin coconut oil. This drink make a wonder as it cleans the body, activate your metabolism and kick start your day. I used to drink this tea during my morning meditation, and that all I need to face all the challenges that the day may bring.